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Through these courses you will release resistance in your body and allow deep healing which will transform your health, family life, relationship issues, unconscious self-sabotaging behaviours and transcend limited thought processes. Pain & discomfort in life has a deeper meaning and without addressing the root cause you will be blinded by energetic resistance which will hold you back from fully manifesting the life you want.

Beginner Level Course

Clearing & Balancing your Energy to Manifest Higher Healing

    1. Welcome to Inner Transformation / Intro & Prep

    1. Clearing & Cleaning Energy & getting into Theta State

    1. Active Self love Integration & Cellular Activation

    1. Charging your Body

    1. Initiating into Inner Balance

    1. How to process negative emotions

About this course

  • $444.00
  • which includes guided meditation, energy clearing, and raising vibration


Instructor Bio:

Dr. Rogini is a Spiritual Mastermind and a family Chiropractor over 14 years. Over the years she has not only helped her patients to get them out of pain and suffering but she has also guided them through metaphysical teachings to unlock their blueprint. Dr. Rogini who is well versed with evidence based practice has also done lots of research in energy healing and innerwork. Dr. Rogini calls herself clairsentient and clairvoyant and is highly involved with regular meditation practices, sound healing and practices that involve alchemizing mental and physical blocks. Her presence and her teachings are channeled and have light codes which will activate your innate potential. These universal codes will allow you to see through your blockages and step up in life in terms of health, wealth, relationships and much more. You will become in control of your beautiful life and allow yourself to stretch further to experience joy and abundance.

Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran

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